ARC Requests

Vinings Estates is governed by a covenant that requires every home owner to file a request form when they make modifications to their properties. This request must be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee and approval must be obtained before conducting the modifications.

How to submit your request:

To make a request, you need to read carefully and follow the instructions on the following forms.  They can be downloaded and viewed by clicking on the documents section on this page.

  • Request for modification: Use the "Request for Modification Review" form before making general modifications to your home and property, removing trees, etc.  SmartWebs is the website VE uses for its ARC process. If that website does not work, email the form directly to ARC.
  • Brick painting request: Use the "Request for Brick Painting Modification Review" form.  It must be submitted via the SmartWebs.  If external website does not work, you can email it directly to the ARC.
  • Rules, Regulations, and Fines for Violations.  This document outlines rules, regulations, and gives the fine schedule for violations.

Please note that approval must be obtained before any architectural modifications are made.

All applications must be submitted via SmartWebs.

See the "How to submit an ARC Modification Application" document for help on this process.

You can direct any specific questions to 

Last Update: 8/14/2023